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Subfloor Cleaning

Subfloor Cleaning

Why Subfloor Cleaning? The backbone of any data center computer or server room resides beneath its raised flooring—the plenum. This critical space channels cool, filtered air to the delicate equipment above. Regrettably, due to the forces of gravity, the plenum is susceptible to accumulating dirt and dust. If left unchecked, these contaminants can be carried by the circulation of essential air conditioning systems, jeopardizing the functionality of your equipment.

The consequences of contaminated airflow encompass circuitry blockages, an elevated risk of fire, inadvertent fire suppressant discharges, and various health concerns.

Tekclean’s underfloor cleaning service acts as a shield for your equipment against these and other potential hazards. Moreover, our cleaning services often fulfill the requirements of insurance audits, potentially reducing insurance costs.

Subfloor Plenum Component Cleaning (Below) is similar in purpose to Subfloor Cleaning, Component cleaning addresses the need to detail clean the systems in your sub-floor. Leak detection whips, fire or smoke detectors, cable trays, conduit, fiber optic data and power cables, floor system components, belt dust from CARC units, and even cable mining.  These components should be clean and kept clean.  If they are not, debris can build up and cause equipment errors and false alarms.  Our job is to find this debris and remove it from your data center.

Tekclean provides extensive data center cleaning services that encompass not only the cleaning of underfloor areas but also include external server and hardware cleaning. Our skilled technicians employ micro-cleaning dusters, HEPA Vacs, and various microfiber products to effectively eliminate fine dust while preventing the reintroduction of airborne particles.

Regardless of the size or configuration of your data center, our services can accommodate your needs. Tekclean offers cleaning for:

  •    Underfloor or ceiling plenum
  •    Telecom rooms
  •    Server rooms and computer rooms
  •    Server cabinets
  •    Clean rooms
  •    Laboratories
  •    Generator rooms
  •    Digital rooms
  •    Colocations

   Dedicated, Fully Insured & Bonded Staff
Our cleaning staff gives only the utmost care when it comes to cleaning your home

 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Materials
Our cleaning products are biodegradable and are derived from essential oils and plant compounds

subfloor cleaning atlanta
subfloor cleaning atlanta

Subfloor Cleaning

Founded in 2003, TekClean a data center cleaning company has built up a level of expertise in subfloor cleaning to deliver mission-critical services to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Our business began to fill a void in the region for data center cleaning services. When we started our goal was Not to be the biggest but the BEST! We’ll always put customers first and go the extra mile.

Tekclean is a member of the following organizations:
Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)
7×24 Exchange (Atlanta)
7×24 Exchange (The Carolinas)
7×24 Exchange (Greater FL/AL)
Advancing IT and Data Center Infrastructure Professionals (AFCOM)

Data Center Cleaning
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