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Raised Access Floor Cleaning

Top of Floor Cleaning, let’s face it, Gravity Works! And because it does, your floor’s…

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Subfloor Cleaning

Sub-Floor Plenum Component Cleaning (Below) is similar in purpose to Sub-Floor Cleaning,…

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Equipment Rack & Cabinet Cleaning

Equipment Rack and Cabinet Cleaning: We are often asked if we can clean floor-mounted…

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Overhead Cleaning

Overhead Cleaning, just like below the floor, dust, debris, and contaminants are in the…

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Return Air Plenum Cleaning

You might be surprised how much dust, debris, and contamination can collect on…

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Access Floor Panel Replacement

Given the critical role of the flooring in your data center, the replacement…

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Additional Services

  • Tackey Mats
  • Data Center Custodian
  • Data Center Janitorial
  • Data Center Airflow Management/Solutions
  • Data Center Cleaning Program
  • Data Center Maintenance Solutions
  • Access Floor Accessories/Supplies

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