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Return Air Plenum Cleaning

Return Air Plenum Cleaning

Does your data center’s hot air return to the CRACs and CRAHs via your ceiling plenum (above the ceiling tiles)? Return Air Plenum Cleaning. If so, did you perform a complete detailed cleaning of this plenum at the end of construction?  You might be surprised how much dust, debris, and contamination can collect on top of your ceiling tiles and associated grid work.  That’s where we can help.  Our highly trained and skilled technicians know how and where to place step ladders, platforms, and or lifts to insure we carefully reach all areas above the ceiling tile grip that needs to be cleaned while taking great care not to disrupt your hardware.  If you have a return air plenum above your ceiling tiles, this is one more place where dust and contaminants in the air stream will flow and collect.  Periodic cleaning is recommended to insure efficient, clean operations.

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Return Air Plenum Cleaning
Return Air Plenum Cleaning
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