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Specialty ESD Anti Static Floor Coatings

Anti-Static Floor Coatings for Mission Critical Data Centers:  StatRez static control concrete coatings are ideal for the data center’s mission critical environment. Specialty ESD Anti Static Floor Coatings.  We can install these coatings on your data center’s sub floor; your data center’s primary concrete surface and any support spaces that will benefit A: from concrete floor coatings and B: from static dissipative or static conductive floor surfaces.

Specialty ESD Anti Static Floor Coatings

StatRez static control floor coatings are designed to protect areas that need a static dissipative or static conductive floor surfaces.  The static control properties of StatRez floor coating systems prevent electrostatic damage to products and sensitive electronic equipment.  StatRez coatings limit the ability for the build-up of static charges on personnel and quickly insure the removal of charges fromn personnel and equipment.  StatRez coatings are designed for use in a wide range of specialty applications including mission critical data centers, electronics manufacturing and packaging plants; Aircraft Hangars; solvent storage areas; battery storage and charging areas.


StatRez epoxy and urethane floor systems are applied to many data center concrete floors; Especially in support spaces like Loading Docs, Generator Pens, Switchgear, and Mechanical Rooms.  Containerized data centers can have their floors coated with StatRez coatings.  Many new data centers are being built without access floor systems.  Racks and cabinets are installed directly on top of concrete floors.  At a minimum, we recommend that these floors are sealed with the appropriate concrete floor sealer to reduce and eliminate dust.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can protect your mission-critical data center’s concrete with great looking StatRez floor system.

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Specialty ESD Anti Static Floor Coatings
ESD Anti Static Floor Coatings georgia
ESD Anti Static Floor Coatings georgia
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