Sub-Floor Plenum Component Cleaning

Sub-Floor Plenum Component Cleaning (Below) similar in purpose to Sub-Floor Cleaning, Component cleaning addresses the need to detail clean the systems in your sub-floor.  Leak detection whips, fire or smoke detectors, cable trays, conduit, fiber optic data and power cables, floor system components, belt dust from CARC units and even cable mining.  These components should be clean and kept clean.  If they are not, debris can build up and cause equipment errors and false alarms.  Our job is to find this debris and remove it from your data center.

Sub-Floor Plenum Component Cleaning

If you have access floors in your data center, it is vital that your Sub-Floor Plenum Components is given a thorough, professional cleaning at least once a year.

Why would the area underneath the floor be so important to clean? After all, the contaminants under there are trapped there, right?

Not exactly. The microscopic contaminants and dust that collect in the plenum will creep above the floor in very small amounts. These very small amounts accumulate over time. The more dust that collects in the sub floor plenum, the more dust you will have circulating throughout your room collecting on your equipment.

Why should I clean my data center?

  • Servers collecting dust will tend to overheat more frequently, requiring expensive repair and replacement.
  • Your cooling system will have to work overtime to keep temperatures down on contaminated equipment, resulting in a higher power bill and of course, more frequent repairs for your cooling system itself.
  • Professional, thorough, detailed data center cleaning will save you money by reducing the added costs of a contaminated environment.

TekClean has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies. Starting with full site inspection, and regular cleaning and maintenance. You can be assured that you will be notified of any issues affecting your sub floor plenum, slab and anything else that might affect your tapes, tape drives, and processors.

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