Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I clean my data center?

A: The short answer is to eliminate harmful contaminants that can damage your computer equipment. However, the short answer to this question does not address all the reasons.

A complete understanding of the data center environment is required in order to understand this answer. The data center environment is a complex network of systems dedicated to housing, protecting and supporting very expensive computer equipment. This computer equipment must be maintained in an environment at specific temperature and humidity levels in order to properly function. Contamination in this environment can come from many sources.

Think about the cooling airflow through a data center: Cool air originates at the CRAC or CRAH units and is forced into the subfloor cavity. The cool air is directed to perforated panels in front of computer racks and cabinets, where it is directed up, through these panels to the face of the computers. The computers’ cooling fans pull the cooled air through the equipment and exhaust it out the back. The warmer air rises and is recirculated over-head, sometime above a ceiling plenum, sometimes below the plenum, back to the CRAC/CRAH units, where the cycle repeats itself.

At multiple points in the air stream’s circulation contamination can be picked up and carried throughout the data center. We regularly see and retrieve tiny pieces of metal, wood, soil particles, concrete dust, paper and cardboard dust accumulate at points throughout the data center environment. Smaller pieces of contamination can become airborne and will be pulled across circuit boards where shorts can occur.

Q: When should I clean my data center?

A: The answer depends upon soiling conditions, use and your expectations for cleanliness. At a minimum TekClean recommends your data center should be fully cleaned at a minimum of once a year. If five nines is your priority, then more often cleaning should be required.

If you can lift a panel in your data center and can see debris in your subfloor cavity, you need TekClean. If soil and dust accumulate around the bases of your equipment and cabinets, you need TekClean. If there is dust visible on your servers and cabinets, you need TekClean.

Q: Who should clean my data center?

A: TekClean! We are qualified, experienced professionals. You should hire a firm that has many years’ industry experience in cleaning data centers. You need a contractor that understands the mission critical environment. You should ask for and check references.

Currently there are no true independent industry certifications for data center cleaning companies. In this regard, anyone can say they clean data centers. However few companies truly know what they are doing. TekClean recommends following the Uptime Institute’s recommendations for how to select a qualified contractor.   _________INSERT HERE___________.


Q: I can use my janitorial contractor right? They are a professional cleaning company.

A: If this thought has even drifted into your mind, then TekClean might not be for you. Ask your janitorial contractor if they know what an EPO button is? Our customers have told us their horror stories prior to hiring us. Learn from their mistakes. Your janitorial contractor is a professional cleaning contractor, true; but with limitations: Restrooms and trash cans. A specific skill set and knowledge base are required to clean a mission critical data center.


Q: What time of day should I clean my data center?

A: You tell us. TekClean will clean your data center at the hours most convenient to you and your business. For some customers this is overnight, or on weekends only. While for others we clean during the day. TekClean will fit our services to meet your schedule.


TekClean: a clean data center is a healthy data center.