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Nashville, the “home of country music,” is Tennessee’s second-largest city and the fourth-largest in the Southeast. While the city is known as a major hub for music, health care is its most dominant industry, with more than 300 companies in the field. The auto industry also is gaining importance in the Nashville area.

Nashville’s diverse economy requires reliable data centers to keep information — and music — flowing. TekClean supports data center cleaning Nashville Tennessee, with a variety of services that help keep data centers free of contamination and running smoothly.

Data centers and their sensitive servers and other equipment can suffer damage from dust, dirt and airborne contaminants. Proper cleaning and servicing from TekClean help data centers maintain regulatory compliance as they protect their valuable equipment. In addition, a clean environment means a healthy environment for employees, customers and vendors.

Throughout the Southeast, TekClean offers professional maintenance and cleaning programs for data centers of all capacities and sizes. The TekClean team understands that data centers are mission-critical and must remain functional at all times. Operational excellence, value, security, compliance and transparency serve as the primary drivers for our cleaning and maintenance programs.

TekClean data center cleaning Nashville services support data center reliability

Data center cleaning Nashville, TN, means supporting maximum uptime by removing static, particles and residue at a microscopic level. TekClean thoroughly maintains all manner of surfaces in data centers, including cable trays, ceilings, walls, floors, sub-floors, equipment and others. Our services include:

  • Sub-Floor Component Cleaning
  • Rack & Cabinet Cleaning
  • Access Floor Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Clear Acrylic Floor Panels
  • Specialty ESD Floor Coatings
  • Concrete Sealing & Coating
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Post Construction Clean up
  • Overhead Fixture Cleaning
  • Return Air Plenum Cleaning
  • Air sampling
  • Generator & Support Room Cleaning

The TekClean team: highly trained, highly professional

The project managers and technicians at TekClean receive comprehensive training. They are accustomed to providing cleaning and restoration services in the sensitive and highly regulated environments of data centers. Our team members understand that data centers must operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and their skills far surpass those of traditional cleaning crews.

Our teams are courteous and professional, and they use only procedures and processes that fully comply with LEED, OSHA and EPA standards. To request a quote for TekClean’s data center cleaning Nashville, TN, please contact us.