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In recent years, Greenville, South Carolina, has moved away from an economy based on textiles to one based on technology. Just since 2007, the Greenville area has created more than 6,000 new jobs and attracted more than $1 billion in capital investment. The area boasts more corporate headquarters than anywhere else in the state, and it serves as home base for a number of Fortune 500 companies, including GE, Lockheed and 3M.

These days, both growing and established enterprises demand highly reliable data services. For data centers serving Greenville’s dynamic business population, TekClean offers thorough, professional cleaning and maintenance to keep servers and other delicate equipment up and running at all times.

Our clients choose TekClean for data center cleaning Greenville, SC, to keep their facilities free of the dirt and airborne contaminants that can compromise delicate equipment. We work as partners with our clients to ensure that all equipment and operations comply with various regulations and standards. In addition, we assist in providing a healthy working environment for customers, employees and vendors.

About TekClean data center cleaning services Greenville

Our mission is to support 100-percent uptime in data centers by removing particles, static and residue at microscopic levels. Our services throughout the Southeast include:

  • Sub-Floor Component Cleaning
  • Server Rack & Cabinet Cleaning
  • Access Floor Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Plenum Cleaning
  • Construction Phase Cleaning
  • Ceiling and Wall Cleaning
  • Interior Electronics Decontamination

We clean and maintain all surfaces in data centers, including equipment, ceilings, walls, floors, sub-floors, cable trays and more. Servers can be negatively affected by a number of factors, including air quality, contaminate particles and climate control. TekClean provides immaculate cleaning that eliminates potentially damaging conditions.

We can care for your equipment and facility on a scheduled basis, and we are available to assist with emergency situations. For data center cleaning Greenville, Spartanburg and throughout South Carolina, we are fully committed to serving your needs.

About the TekClean team

Our technicians and project managers are thoroughly trained to provide you with comprehensive cleaning, maintenance and restoration services in highly regulated and sensitive environments. Our cleaning procedures and products fully comply with all OSHA, EPA and LEED standards, and our employees understand the sensitive aspects of data centers.

Whether you need replacement of access floor panels or a complete annual cleaning, TekClean can meet all your needs for data center cleaning Greenville, South Carolina. To request a quote, please contact us today.