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As home to almost 600 technology companies, Alpharetta GA serves as a hub for innovation. In data centers in Alpharetta and throughout the Southeast, TekClean keeps sensitive equipment clean and functioning optimally.

Dirt, dust and other contaminants in the air can harm servers. To avoid damage to delicate equipment, TekClean provides a range of services for data center cleaning Alpharetta GA.

TekClean works in partnership with data center owners in Alpharetta and North Fulton, GA, to ensure compliance with all standards and regulations. Regular maintenance and data center cleaning Alpharetta also keep the environment healthy for customers, vendors and employees.

Protect your servers and your people with TekClean data center cleaing Alpharetta services

To keep data centers of all sizes running smoothly, TekClean offers professional cleaning and maintenance services. Data centers provide critical services and must function at all times. TekClean’s mission is to ensure security, compliance, value and continuous operations for data centers.

TekClean keeps servers and racks, plenums, raised floors, sub-floor spaces and other areas hygienic and functioning well. Factors that can affect servers include air quality, dirt particles and temperature. TekClean offers regular cleaning and can respond to emergencies quickly. We are fully committed to providing excellent customer service. Our services include:

  • Plenum cleaning
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Sub-floor cleaning
  • Access floor cleaning

Project managers and technicians with TekClean receive thorough training. They understand the methods involved in cleaning and restoring equipment in the sensitive environments of data centers. TekClean uses only cleaning products and procedures that comply with LEED, EPA and OSHA. Our workers are courteous and professional at all times, and their skills far exceed those of typical housekeeping staff.

Data centers must operate around the clock to support businesses that need to be online at all times. Often, they require servicing at odd hours to remain up and running. TekClean fully understands and supports the need for nearly constant uptime. We provide a full range of services that include cost-effective, precise cleaning and repair.

Data center integrity with TekClean

A highly trained, experienced TekClean project manager oversees every service call. In addition, each member of the TekClean team plays a vital role in providing the best possible repairs, cleaning services, compliance, maintenance and quality assurance. To request a quote for data center cleaning Alpharetta, contact TekClean today.