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Based on a culture that is highly favorable for startups and technology-oriented companies, Huntsville was the only city in Alabama to appear on the list of Most Promising Tech Hubs of 2014. The publication also considered a number of other factors, including support from the city and the greater community, along with the presence of incubators, spaces for co-working, and accelerators. Also prominent was the availability of infrastructure like high-speed Internet.

Data centers figure prominently in the infrastructure necessary for attracting technology-focused businesses to an area. Throughout the Southeastern United States, data center operators choose TekClean for data center cleaning Huntsville to maintain environments that comply with regulations and standards, demonstrate near-100 percent uptime and are free from contamination.

Dirt, dust and a variety of airborne contaminants can compromise data centers and their sensitive, costly equipment. In providing data center cleaning Huntsville, AL, TekClean works in partnership with data centers to ensure that they provide clean, safe environments for their workers, customers and vendors.

TekClean offers comprehensive maintenance and data center cleaning programs for data centers of all sizes and capability levels. We understand that data centers provide mission-critical functionality to their clients and cannot afford downtime. TekClean’s maintenance programs are based on full compliance, transparency, value, security and operational excellence.

TekClean services: Supporting data center reliability with data center cleaning in Huntsville

Data center cleaning Huntsville, AL, requires supporting uptime with removal of static, residues and particles at microscopic levels. In addition, TekClean impeccably cleans a variety of surfaces, including access floors, ceilings and walls. We also perform interior electronics decontamination. Additional services include:

  • Sub-Floor Component Cleaning
  • Rack & Cabinet Cleaning
  • Access Floor Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Return Air Plenum Cleaning
  • Air sampling
  • Generator & Support Room Cleaning
  • Air Wall / Fire Wall Penetration Repairs and Sealing
  • Tacky Mat Sales
  • Replacement Floor Panels, Cutting, Installation, Grid Work
  • Clear Acrylic Floor Panels
  • Specialty ESD Floor Coatings
  • Concrete Sealing & Coating
  • Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Post Construction Clean up

The TekClean team: Highly trained professionals

TekClean’s project managers and technicians receive intensive training that enables them to perform a variety of restoration and cleaning services in highly regulated, sensitive environments. All cleaning procedures and products used by TekClean fully comply with standards set by LEED, OSHA and EPA.

TekClean employees demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and courtesy at all times, and their skills far exceed those of traditional housekeeping crews. To learn more about TekClean data center cleaning Huntsville, Alabama, please contact us.