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Throughout the Southeast, data center owners and operators choose TekClean to maintain facilities that are free from dirt, dust and airborne contaminants that can harm sensitive equipment. In Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, the diverse economy includes industries like telecommunications, banking, electrical power, medical care and transportation. For many of Birmingham’s businesses, data centers provide a critical connection to customers and a constant flow of information.

For data center cleaning Birmingham AL, clients partner with TekClean. Our team is fully committed to the needs of data center operators and owners with services that support compliance with regulations and standards, protection of valuable equipment and maintenance of healthy workplace environments for employees, customers and vendors.

TekClean offers a variety of professional data center cleaning and maintenance programs for data centers of all sizes and capacity levels.

Our team members understand that data centers are mission-critical sites and that downtime is unacceptable. We are committed to security, transparency, compliance, exceptional operations and value in all our interactions with our clients.

TekClean: Impeccable cleaning, maintenance for data centers

Data center cleaning Birmingham Alabama, means supporting full uptime through removal of particles, static and residues at microscopic levels. By providing services like cleaning servers and cabinet racks, sub-floors, access floor surfaces, ceilings and walls, TekClean supports data centers’ commitment to 99.999-percent uptime. We maintain all types of data center surfaces, including cable trays, equipment and more.

TekClean’s services include:

  • Sub-Floor Component Cleaning
  • Rack & Cabinet Cleaning
  • Access Floor Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Return Air Plenum Cleaning
  • Air sampling
  • Generator & Support Room Cleaning
  • Air Wall / Fire Wall Penetration Repairs and Sealing
  • Tacky Mat Sales
  • Replacement Floor Panels, Cutting, Installation, Grid Work
  • Clear Acrylic Floor Panels
  • Specialty ESD Floor Coatings

The TekClean team: Professional, dedicated, highly trained

All project managers and technicians with TekClean receive comprehensive training in cleaning and restoring the highly sensitive electronics present in data centers. In addition, our team members understand regulated environments, and all our cleaning processes and products fully comply with the standards of LEED, EPA and OSHA.

TekClean employees are committed to the highest levels of professionalism and courtesy, and their skills far exceed those of typical cleaning crews. When you choose TekClean for data center cleaning Birmingham, AL, you choose a professional, highly experienced team. To request a quote, please contact TekClean today.